Democrats, please help me.

Please help me understand something. Please answer a question for me. We currently have a monster in the WH. He and the GOP are totally out of control. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia are running rampant. Now…

Tip of the Day #1

Get through life with some of these amazing tips. Learn a lot and make yourself a better person. The tip expert Gangsta Willy. You will only get these tips from us! You’re welcome!

The Voice of America.

Imagine a world where Fox News is our only source of nightly news. All other news is “fake”. Cheap blonde hair die is all that’s available on store shelves. Guns are a must, racism is…

Trump & OJ Love

The latest news is that OJ Simpson now has a Twitter account. When I first heard this, I asked myself, “who the hell would follow this monster?” I then remember thinking the same thing about…

Massive Trump crowd?

According to FOX News (The leader in WTF News TV), they claim tens of thousands of loyal Trump supporters overflowed into the field for amazing Donny entertainment. This was Trump’s kickoff campaign. BTW, take a…

At what point?

Do you really want to look like this in a club? Know your limit before trying to bag a babe. All these three are missing is vomit chunks on their dresses.

Bambi Meets Godzilla

When I was six years old, I stayed up until 12 AM to watch “Creature Features” which was a weekly horror movie series. I never stayed up that late in my whole entire life. The…

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Skippianity, A New Religion.

Christianity. Centuries of greed, abuse of power, corruption and hate. More and more humans are wising up and leaving this chaotic organization and becoming more spiritual. I just found a new spiritual relationship with religion….