Kiddie Porn On Phone of Repub Mike Folmer

A Pennsylvania state senator has been charged with possession of child pornography, according to the state attorney general’s office. Republican state Sen. Mike Folmer, 63, represents parts of Lebanon, Dauphin and York counties. According to a…

Stop Dictator Donny From Starting Iran War

Donald Trump wants war with Iran. The media coverage of Donald Trump’s recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly largely focused on other world leaders laughing at him. But the speech’s appeal for regime change…

Time Magazine cover

We Are Being Eaten From Within.

Time Magazine wrote an amazing article about what’s going on with white nationalism in this county. Law-enforcement officials say the cancer of white nationalism has metastasized across social media and the dark corners of the…

Mass Shootings? Who cares.

Americans are so used to mass shootings happening on a weekly basis, news outlets really don’t consider this news anymore. 11 dead, six hospitalized doesn’t even make the CNN top of the hour breaking news….