Interview with a Trumper

Today’s podcast gives you a good idea of the inner workings of a Trump supporter. I can only name the caller “Grampy The Trumpy Groupie”. He has a lot to say and it’s rather scary….

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A Vegan Attacked Me

So my experience in Whole Foods Market was not positive because a militant vegan couldn’t understand why I was eating meat.  I had to defend myself aggressively.  Today’s podcast gives you a play by play.

I Almost Burned Down A House.

In today’s podcast, I share a story about my childhood. A story of when I almost burned down a house because I thought it was fun. The moral of this story is; 1. Don’t play…

Don’t Unfriend Trump Supporters

Did you know the biggest mistake you can make is unfriending a trump supporter from your social networks? Does that sound wacky? After I explain why, you’ll start RE-friending all those who support Trump. Listen…

It’s feedback time!

So, this podcast is all about taking phone calls and getting feedback from some of my most loyal listeners. Why do I always dread feedback time? You just have to listen to understand.

My First Experience With A Cat

It all started when I was a little boy walking to school. Well, you’ll have to listen to the entire story explaining why I am not a fan of cats.

Tony Schwartz Talks Trump

Ten days before the 2016 election, Tony Schwartz (author of The Art of The Deal) gave a speech at Oxford Union.  He decribed the real Donald Trump and revealed how Trump’s mind works. It’s an…