Just Because

Trump & OJ Love

The latest news is that OJ Simpson now has a Twitter account. When I first heard this, I asked myself, “who the hell would follow this monster?” I then remember thinking the same thing about…

Massive Trump crowd?

According to FOX News (The leader in WTF News TV), they claim tens of thousands of loyal Trump supporters overflowed into the field for amazing Donny entertainment. This was Trump’s kickoff campaign. BTW, take a…

At what point?

Do you really want to look like this in a club? Know your limit before trying to bag a babe. All these three are missing is vomit chunks on their dresses.

Goodbye Sarah

The biggest liar in press secretary history is leaving. She is going back to the swamp where she was hatched. She is eyeing the governor seat where she can continue her liar campaign. We wish…

Swingers. Why Do The All Look Like This?

Every time I see that Sling commercial (where people confuse being a swinger instead of a slinger), I ask myself; do they ALL look like this? This proud swinger openly proclaims that she is a…

1001 Things To Do With Butt Fat

And none of them involve putting it in your lips. If you’re contemplating putting your butt fat in your lips; just imagine what your breath will smell like.

My Bad.

People’s Court Judge makes an embarrassing request when she asks defendant’s witness to stand up. The witness was a little person and replied, “Excuse me? I AM standing up!” Oops.

When will they get it?

The catholic church has yet to understand that they need to begin putting these priests in jail. They just don’t get it. Now the Pope is asking for feedback from the public. Really? Feedback? Here’s…