The Republican Party; Loyal To One

Here’s a great article written by The Lincoln Project. It explains how the right has moved away from supporting a country to supporting one person. A crooked cult leader has convinced a mass of people… Read More

Biden Wants To Be Nice To Trump

I have to vent on this podcast because president-elect Joe Biden kind of ticked me off when he said he doesn’t want to start his term by investigating the gloom and doom orange buffoon Donald…

The Trump Election Scam

for those of you that are frustrated with what Trump is doing with the election, I explained what he’s actually doing and it’s all a scam. Listen to my quick cast to find out all…

Why We Can’t Have Another 4 Years

On this ‘Election Eve’ podcast, we show why Donald Trump cannot have another 4 years. His secrets, lies and video tapes. His radical cult base. Revealing videos and more. Please follow and like me: