How Did Trump Raise $1 Billion And Why You Should Be Very Worried.

Former President Donald Trump’s new media firm announced on Saturday that it had secured $1 billion in capital from a “wide range” of institutional investors, subject to the completion of its planned merger with the blank check company Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Who are these people and/or companies that made such large investments? What are they expecting in return? What if ‘The Donald’ gets back in the White House in 2024? What kind of kickbacks will be given to these investors?

These are the questions that every American should be asking about this fishy, shady and almost corrupt investment that’s happening right before our very eyes.

On Saturday, Donald Trump’s new social media corporation said that the blank-check company it established to monetize the former president’s digital and political clout had raised $1 billion—without naming the “diverse collection of institutional investors” who backed him.

Trump is a former President of the United States who is expected to run for President again in 2024. He has tampered with the national security apparatus before, and he may do it again. The identity of the investors who just hurled $1 billion at Trump are of interest because anyone who can buy their way into Trump’s good graces by dumping a bag of cash on his desk has the power to influence public policy, making Trump a national security concern.

Now you many ask yourself how can this get any sleazier? Well, Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California announced Monday he’ll leave the House in the coming weeks to become CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group.

Moments after his statement, the Trump Media & Technology Group released its own saying Nunes would be its chief executive officer.

In other words, someone that doesn’t know anything about social networks or online platforms. Someone that comes from farm country. Someone that’s from a small town in central California; is going to run this train wreck.

TMTG announced in October that it will release a beta version of its social media platform in November, a deadline it appears to have missed, and that a full version would be released next year.

There are many wheels spinning here. This new mega media social network company will expand the radical right-wing agenda with fake news specifically targeting the Trump cult followers.

Another part of this spinning wheel is that investors will be expecting something in return. Be it a platform for their specific message and/or a kickback in right-wring politics.

That leads us to the third part of this wheel. If Donald wins the 2024 election, we need to be very concerned about these kickbacks. The promises made. The giant media platform working with the investors, extreme right politicians, policy makers and directly in the Oval Office.

Spin this all together and we have a perfect storm. A storm that’s sure to make this country an authoritarian government.

Am I being dramatic? Well, keep an eye on the workings of this new media platform and we’ll see.

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