I’ve Had Enough of The Karplasticans


In protest of Kardashian coverage, a Florida news anchor stormed off the set midway through a live broadcast.

When confronted with reports that Kylie Jenner has a new bunny named Bruce, John Brown walked out live on Fox’s Good Day Orlando.

‘I’m having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians!’ declared the news anchor.

The unexpected storm-out occurred after the news anchors invited Jenny Castillo, a Rumba 1003 radio host and broadcast guest, to discuss the Kardashians news.

She tried to calm down the enraged anchor by asking, ‘How would you like it if your daughter named her pet John?’ ‘Kylie Jenner did exactly that.’

Brown, on the other hand, retorted, ‘I don’t care about this family.’ I’m sick and tired of this family. It’s a nonsensical story!’

‘No one cares about this family any longer!’

I so agree with the news anchor. This family is useless. Their claim to fame is playing with their hair and showing off their behinds. Now they’re promoting plastic surgery with bad face jobs and bloated asses.

The problem with these Karplastican women is that they are setting an example for young girls to believe they can sit around, do nothing and rake in money by taking ass shots on Instagram all day. A pipe dream of overworking your face with fillers and toxins and becoming an influencer.

The best thing for the world will be the final season of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Better yet, let’s hope these girls go away when the season ends. The problem is that social media will keep them relevant as long as they keep pumping up their behinds.

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