What The Hell Is Wrong With Dems?

Democrats attacking each other

Is this what we have become with the “cancel culture”? Title someone guilty before a full investigation or trial? This is outrageous!

Facing unprecedented political isolation, a defiant New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted on Friday that he would not step down in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and condemned the sprawling coalition of Democrats calling for his resignation as “reckless and dangerous.” That’s exactly what it is “reckless and dangerous.”

This week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for Cuomo’s immediate resignation. What the hell is going on with the Democrats? Instant guilty charge is now the new norm when it comes to being woke in the cancel culture. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Dozens of Democrats had already called on Cuomo to resign this week, but on Friday, the coalition of critics expanded geographically and politically to include progressive New York City Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; leader of the House Democratic Campaign Arm, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney; Buffalo-based Rep. Brian Higgins; and a group of Long Island-based state legislators who had been part of the campaign.

Cuomo said, “A lot of people allege a lot of things for a lot of reasons”. “I won’t speculate about people’s possible motives. But I can tell you as a former attorney general who has gone through this situation many times, there are often many motivations for making an allegation. And that is why you need to know the facts before you make a decision.”

There needs to be an ongoing, thorough investigation in order to get all the facts, on both sides, before lawmakers make decisions about resignation. What are Democrats doing? They’re skipping directly to their own personal conclusions and shouting guilty.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Cuomo is innocent. He could very well be guilty for many of the accusations. When we get to the point where we just make decisions without a fair trial and document both sides; we become our own worst enemy.

I’m still pissed about the way Democrats treated Senator Al Franken. They did the same thing to him. Immediately pounced, attacked and demanded immediate resignation.

The Former US Senator said he “absolutely” regrets resigning from his post in 2017 following a wave of accusations of sexual misconduct.

The Minnesota Democrat stepped down just three weeks after allegations of unwanted touching first surfaced, amid mounting pressure from his own colleagues.

Mr Franken told The New Yorker he wished his case had first been examined by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Now, seven of the 36 Democrats who demanded he resign say they regret it.

It would have been nice if Dems learned from this Franken situation. Instead, they are repeating the same thing and they’ll probably regret it again. #sad

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