I Love The Poorly Educated

Trump loves stupid people
“I Love The Poorly Educated”

Donald Trump always enjoyed massive support from uneducated, low-information white people. Political scientists has been studying what voters know and how they think for well over 65 years. The results are frightening. Voters, like Trump supporters, generally know who the president is but not much else. They don’t know which party controls Congress, what Congress has done recently, whether the economy is getting better or worse (or by how much). 

To its critics both within and outside its ranks, the Republican party has long been saddled with the ignominious moniker, “the stupid party.” You would think that the GOP would be insulted by this. You would think they would want to fix this problem. They don’t want to fix it. They embrace it. They always have. That’s because they can basically do whatever they want, say whatever they want and get away with it.

Adam Jadhav, a Ph.D. student in geography, traveled to rural Henry, Illinois, where he lived as a child, for research that explored the dynamics of rural populism. While the picture there is complex, he said, one hard-line conservative was blunt:

Votes for Trump were “a hand grenade for the establishment,” he told Jadhav. “Trump does some stupid ass things, says a lot of stupid ass things, doesn’t keep his mouth shut when he should. [But] it was worth it to try to shake the system.”

Others see a loyalty to Trump that is so intense, and so unshakeable, that it exerts a cult-like gravity.

Trump is no longer President. Trump is rotting in Florida without his Twitter account. You may be asking why the hell am I still talking about him? Well, because the “poorly educated” still support him. Millions still believe the election was corrupt and he should still be President. Trump still has a kung-fu grip on the neck of the Republican party.

Ignorance has taken over this country. It actually has turned into a national cult and wont be going away soon. These people are out in masses promoting Trump’s agenda and waiting to vote in the next election.

It’s great that Joe Biden is President but that didn’t change the minds of 70 million-plus morons that still believe Trump is the almighty leader. Many believing that he is the second coming.

Trump continues to play on the hollow minds of his followers. He will continue to take advantage of them, take money from them and use them for all they got. He’s a greedy con man that pounces on the demographic who believes in him. He’s found his calling and the ignorant base that believes it.

As one Republican politician said many years ago; “Keep them stupid and we can get away with anything”. That’s been Trump’s motto and it worked for the past four years. Why do you think Repugs don’t like funding any type of education policy or public schools? It’s time to wise up America.

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