Trump Supportin’ Gun Radical Kills Neighbors Over Snow Shoveling.

Here’s another reason why these domestic terrorist white male radicals should not have guns.

After a snow shoveling dispute in Plains, Pennsylvania, outside Wilkes-Barre on Monday, three persons, including the gunman, died, Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker said Tuesday.

About 9:00 a.m. A statement from the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office said Monday, the gunman, Jeffrey Spaide, got into an altercation with James and Lisa Goy, who lived across the street, while shoveling snow from his driveway.

The Goys were shoveling snow onto Spaide’s property from their parking spots across the street, the release said. Spaide demanded them to stop and quickly escalated the dispute.

As they argued, Spaide had gone home, got a pistol, and came out of the building, firing many “at close range” shots at the Goys. Then, he went home, took an AR-like rifle out and shot at the wounded Goys, “executing them,” said Binker.

Binker said this was not this year’s first dispute over snow between Spaide and the Goys. Another snowstorm had led to an altercation between them two months ago, he said, but the police were not informed of that dispute and said that Spaide was not known for any other matter to the police.

Shortly after the Goys had been shot, the police arrived, and when they approached, they heard a single gunshot from Spaide’s home, which they assumed was the self-inflicted shot that killed him, Binker said. He said that both James and Lisa Goy were pronounced dead at the scene.

Binker said the Goys left behind a 15-year-old son with autism, whose grandparents would take custody, adding that they worked on the case through the night and found the investigation closed.

The fact that this coward could not bear the consequences for what he did; is just a reflection how pathetic these so-called tough-guy gun owners really are.

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11 Comments on "Trump Supportin’ Gun Radical Kills Neighbors Over Snow Shoveling."

  1. “Here’s another reason why these domestic terrorist white male radicals should not have guns.”

    Do you say the same when it’s a black gang banging radical that kills a kid through their window doing homework during a drive by?

    Do you say the same when a dozen blacks die in Chicago on a weekend?

    Neck yourself.

    • Oh gee, another ignorant trumpanzee with his typical “what-about-ism” response. Typical right-wing blinders on. Typical right-wing response. Typical misspelled word. NEXT!

      • What I have noticed, painfully, Ben S., is that for you “progressive’s” (laughingly, the idea behind ‘progressive’ is that they are supposed to be the BIG thinkers, with POSITIVE, sensible, INCLUSIVE ideas) Dear God! your type of attitude should be called regressivism. Seriously, go look at the frown and hatred on your face. Look at the godless, faithless, man in the mirror.
        Take some stock of your level of hatred and heartlessness towards fellow Americans. Open THE EYES OF YOUR HEART at the crass lies, and amoral behaviors you endorse in your “hero’s” and political leaders? Do you really HEAR yourself? Do you even get how mean and nasty you sound?

    • You TELL EM! JOE. This CRETIN, Allan Edwards, an abysmal ‘journalist’ and a left-wing, one-sided, lack of critical thinking putz is adding 2+2 to get Pi squared. That is HOW lopsided and incomplete his mental faculty’s are. What you first need to think about to even remotely UNDERSTAND this horrible tragedy is the DETERIORATED state of heart and mind of a person that could walk out and KILL TWO PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD? In what horrific state of mental and emotional health THE SHOOTER must have been in to EVEN CONSIDER SUCH A CRAZY, BRAZEN, FOOLISH, STUPID, CRUEL, ACT? HOW LONG HAD HE BEEN THIS SICK? The man was effed-up mentally. The two victims were too! – for egging him on in some petty, CHILDISH neighborhood squabble. THIS HAD NOTHING, ZILCH, ZERO to do with how a person voted! It had everything to do with THREE PEOPLE behaving like childish asses AND DELIBERATELY CAUSING AN ESCALATION IN VOLATILITY. I could almost guarantee ALL three people were not church-goers, had no conscious contact with a ‘Power Greater Than Themselves’, and had long abandoned their better selves to indulge their self-will and lower natures. And I’ll also bet the ranch that all three of the victims of this idiocy, PLUS the author of this hate-piece leftist website continually indulge carping hatred about ALL things NOT TO THEIR LIKING, which includes a VERY BROAD SPECTRUM of humanity. Shame on you Edwards. I want to see an apology and retraction of this pathetic, heartless, article.

  2. > 2 whites die from a dumb-ass snow dispute in Biden’s hometown (go figure)
    > “domestic terrorist white male radicals should not have guns”
    > 50+ blacks die in Chicago over a weekend
    > Black Lives Matter
    I Shiggy Diggy

  3. Shekel goyenstein | February 4, 2021 at 2:38 pm | Reply

    Blacks kill each other at insane rates and you never cry about those thugs. You just cry about whites, are you a semite?

    Get a clue.


  4. I can see nothing but a bunch of gun-totin’ Donny supporters banding together PRAISING the killer and BLAMING black people for why y’all carry guns and kill. #idiots

  5. Why in the fuck do trump supporters CONSTANTLY refuse to condemn something one of their own did. They CONSTANTLY avoid the topic and change the subject by pointing something else out. They are nothing but a radical cult that has to be stopped.

  6. Registered demoncrat. Doubtful he was a Trump fan but whatever fits your narrative right?

    • LOL!! “Registered democrat”, Give me a break! Amazing how you guys cry “fake news” yet you’re the ones that spread it the most.

      • Ha! One month later it is confirmed–Spaide was last registered as Democrat. The victims (obnoxious antagonizers!) were the Trump supporters here.

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