As President Trump made history tonight as the first US president to be impeached twice, inside the White House, one White House advisor said “everybody’s angry at everybody,” with the President being agitated because he feels people are not protecting him enough.

“The source said, “He is in self-pity mode.
His actions led to here, no one else,” adding, “he instigated a crowd to charge on the Capitol building to avoid decertification, he would not find a lot of sympathetic Republicans.” The view among many close to Trump is “his actions led to here, no one else.

Trump supporters in and out of the White House openly defended him during the last impeachment campaign and put out talking points during the impeachment process.

Today, at the White House, it was the President who was left to fend for himself, issuing a statement first given to Fox News condemning more violence, followed by a five-minute video that struck a somewhat different tone from his first message after last week’s attack on the Capitol. Aides scrambled, worried that even a contrite Trump would have his videos taken down, to find a way to release the footage.

Also, in comparison to his first impeachment, there was no concerted attempt to send out talking points.

After the protests, several White House workers have quit or resigned, including Trump’s former long-time confidante, Hope Hicks. “Another person near the White House said he was “holed up in the residence, that’s never a good thing.

“He’s by himself, not a lot of people to bounce ideas off of, whenever that happens he goes to his worst instincts. Now that Twitter isn’t available God only knows what the outlet will be,” the source said.

One outlet on which Trump relies is wielding what control he has left: pardons. The next round of pardons could arrive as soon as Thursday, in part to detract from the current narrative, multiple sources told CNN.

One of the sources also noted that Trump was intending to give the medal of honor tomorrow to New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, but Belichick declined. That could be replaced by announcing some pardons, especially if there are some high-profile ones.

Going forward: Whether Trump will pardon himself and his children is another issue that remains.

One person close to Trump thinks that pardoning himself and his kids in the aftermath of the protests is a terrible move for him, but that he wants to use what little influence he has.

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