Trump’s Twitter Timeline Calling For Jan 6 DC Riots

It was as early as December 19th, 2020 when Trump was tweeting calls for his cult members to descend on the capitol on January 6th. With subliminal posts like “the calvary is coming” and “all hell will break out”; Trump’s Twitter posts continued to remind his mob to show up and cause chaos.

Here’s just some of those tweets:

This was all pre-planned. Trump’s tweets were shared hundreds of thousands of times by his thugs with comments like “bring your violence”, “fight like your life depends on it”, “stay strong and fight, fight, fight” and much more.

One of his latest tweets, that was later deleted by Twitter, stated something like “This is what you get when you steal an election from the legit president”. Which was referring the the violence and damage done to the capitol building.

So, do you think that Donny is not responsible for this?

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