Trump Wants Revenge On Twitter So He Vetos Defense Act

Demented Dictator Donny made it clear that he wants to punish Twitter for correcting a lot of his tweets. He said he would go as far as vetoing the national defense act if congress doesn’t act.

So the sweeping security bill recently passed by Congress was vetoed by President Donald Trump on Wednesday. He has previously threatened to do so because it does not include a repeal of Section 230, a provision shielding internet businesses from being responsible for what is posted by them or third parties on their websites.

The bill also contains measures to restrict the amount of money that Trump will pass around for his border wall and another that would force the military to rename bases named after Confederacy figures.

With a veto-proof majority of 84 to 13, a huge rebuke to the President, the Senate voted unanimously to pass the large funding bill. Trump’s stance on the bill deeply split GOP politicians, forcing them to choose between presidential allegiance and legislation that sets the country’s security policy. With a veto-proof majority, the House of Representatives has recently approved the bill.

Donny is not leaving the WH quietly. He also plans to veto the Covid Bill.

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