News Platform Coming 2021

Starting in January 2021, my syndication expands to the news department. The distribution will be to radio stations, websites, mobile apps that want to offer news but cannot afford the media setup. It will basically be the same setup as my podcast / talk radio syndication.

It’s called MicMill (short for Microphone Mill). It’s a free radio news service that will be available to media sites worldwide. It includes 5-minute newscasts updated daily or throughout the day if there’s breaking news. Unlike my talk radio show 😉 , it’s unbiased national news. Headlines of the day.

Since my show distribution is already in place, some platforms requested this news service because they don’t have one. So this will be offered to my current syndication clients as well as other platforms looking to offer news on their online products.

The client will get a code they can easily install on their website or mobile app. It’s a standard player that has no branding on it so users believe the news is offered by the platform. There will also be customized players that have the client’s logo as well as audio intros and outros.

For all the details about this new audio media service go to

Here’s a demo player and demo newscast:

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