Alex Jones Spews Vaccine Propaganda

While pawning DNA juices and “Lung Cleansing” potions; Alex Jones is also posting articles about “Fake vaccine shots” being administered into unsuspected patients.

It’s just another “Covid-19 is fake” conspiracy theory that continues to threaten the recovery in our country. The article was titled “Fake Shot . . .” and claimed a health care worker receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, but the plunger was already pressed before the syringe penetrated their skin. It goes on to say it’s all “propaganda” and asks readers to share!

This alternate universe right-wing “fake news” only destroys the hard work that all our healthcare workers are doing each and every day. It also puts a message out there that puts doubt in peoples minds about the vaccine. Not sure what the motivation is but to make the pandemic political and it’s not. It’s a deadly virus that’s killing thousands daily.

What’s frustrating about all this is while you read his ridiculous post, advertising windows pop up for you to buy Survival Liquids and Bio Juices from Alex’s online store. So we’re not suppose to take the vaccine yet we should buy witchcraft potions from a conspiracy theorist? No Thank You.

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