Trump Goes On A Wild Late Night Twitter Rant

Donald Trump pulls a fit

The night of the supreme Court decision Trump was supposed to attend the Christmas party (since he was hosting it). Instead, he locked himself in a bedroom and refused to come out. Guests were told that he would not be attending the party but the party still continued.

Later that night Trump got onto Twitter and began ranting, complaining, insulting and attacking anyone that was involved in the decision including people from his own party.

Some of the tweets he spoke of himself as a third party and he sounded like a crazed maniac at times. Below are just some of his tweets:

He vows to continue the fight. He promises that he will be president. He refuses to concede and believes that He will prevail. Once again this is just a continuation to bring in money for his future and personal use while calling it his “legal fund”

Without a doubt his moronic base will continue to fund him and continue to give him money up to January where he’s now promising this will be up to Congress to decide if he’s president. Without a doubt the GOP will support him and continue this disaster and allow this man to try and tear apart our democracy.

So a few hours later, demented dictator donny continued with his radical Twitter raid whining about everything under the sun and once again, vowing to fight this to the end:

The bottom line is that Trump is not going to concede and never will. Trump will continue to rally his cult and fire them up. He will never admit loss and fight this to the end. He will do whatever it takes to make every attempt to illegally stay in the White House. As this is written, Trump is scheming his next political move and it’s not going to be good.

We can breathe a sigh of relief after the SCOTUS decision however we will still be annoyed and frustrated that Trump will continue with this charade all the way up to (and past) inauguration day. He has convinced his base this was a corrupt election and these morons will believe it forever. The saga continues.

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  1. One CRAZY SOB!

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