Melania ‘Just Wants To Go Home’ And Hints at Trump Divorce

According to CNN, the First Lady has been keeping very busy making plans for her exit from the White House, and that’s included seeing about who exactly will be funding this next chapter of her life. If you’re thinking “why isn’t Donald Trump funding her next chapter,” you are not alone, but we do have a strong hint of where Melania does think her funding might be coming from.  Melania inquired — or rather, had her aide inquire — into whether there was taxpayer money allocated to former first ladies to fund their post-White House lives.

Breathe easy: the answer is no. But this staggering request did set off the question of why Melania may be making separate financial arrangements, and whether this should be taken as a hint that her (much-speculated) plans to divorce Donald Trump will go forward in the months to come.

There are a few specifics to this tale that suggest that without Donald, Melania may be picturing a future. For one thing, sources claim that only a few days after the final state count, Melania’s bid for taxpayer money took place long before her husband had begun to acknowledge defeat.

“One source told CNN, adding that a 2024 run “would not go over well.” “She just wants to go home.

“After it became clear that Trump would need to prepare for her life after Washington,” writes Kate Bennett of CNN, “the first lady told [special adviser Marcia Lee] Kelly to discreetly ask West Wing acquaintances and a member of the Office of Management and Budget whether, according to two sources familiar with the discussions, taxpayer funds were allocated to former first ladies.”

“The short answer is no,” continues Bennett. “While there are post-presidential benefits for the outgoing commander in chief for such things, budgets for setting up an official office and staff and covering some travel expenses, there is nothing for any first lady from the government, save a meager $20,000-a-year pension, which is paid out only if her husband dies.”

With Melania looking at Florida schools for Barron and Ivanka Trump purchasing property worth $30 million nearby, it seems obvious what the next step for the Trump family will be. But if Melania had been advised that the funds had been in place for the next couple of years, would she go so quietly, or would she be more likely to shed Donald on her way out? And further, Michael Cohen and others have strongly implied that a settlement in the event of divorce has been arranged in their prenup if it’s money that she’s after.

Melania needs to go home, as one source reported. And he may have been separated even more from his wife by Donald’s efforts to hold on to the presidency for longer.

If she doesn’t get funding from taxpayer money or from the Donald, she may have to resort going back to lesbian porn. We’ll see what happens.

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