Supreme Court Throws Out PA Republicans’ attempt to block Biden victory

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Pennsylvania Republicans to block the certification of the election results of the Commonwealth, dealing a near fatal blow to the long-shot attempt by the GOP to invalidate the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Sorry Donny!

The action of the Supreme Court is a crushing defeat for Trump, who indicated as late as Tuesday that he thought the justices might step in and take his side, including three of his candidates, as he has repeatedly and wrongly suggested that there was major voter fraud during the election.
No noted dissents were released with the one-line order.

Just after the final brief in the court was filed Tuesday afternoon, the justices moved rapidly, indicating they decided to send a definitive message to challengers of the election results.

Under federal law, Tuesday marks the “safe harbor” deadline for the department. That means that in January, as Congress counts the electoral votes, it must recognize electoral results that have been certified prior to the deadline. In other words, Donny is pretty-much ass out of options.

There is absolutely no other legal recourse, period. However, since Trump has “poorly educated” cult followers; they don’t know that. So he’s going to keep making noise so he can continue to raise money from these idiots.

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