Many in GOP Still Expect Trump To Be Inaugurated

The right-wing uninformed, poorly informed and undereducated STILL believe that Donny won the election and will be inaugurated in January. They refuse to believe that Biden won the election and strongly believe that the election shows a Trump win. As a matter of fact, these morons believe that the White House inauguration day construction is for Trump!

Since November 3rd, surveys have consistently found that about 80% of Republicans don’t buy the results. They don’t agree that Joe Biden won fair and square. They say the election was rigged. And they say enough fraud occurred to tip the outcome.

Those numbers sound alarmingly high, and they imply that the overwhelming majority of people in one political party in America doubt the legitimacy of a presidential election. But the reality is more complicated, political scientists say. Research has shown that the answers that partisans (on the left as well as on the right) give to political questions often reflect not what they know as fact, but what they wish were true. Or what they think they should say.

In other words, many republicans feels that in order to be loyal to their radical leader; they need to publicly say they don’t believe Biden won. Many others are saying this because they strongly wish it was true but deep down inside they know it’s not.

Reality is that “wishful thinking” is not going to make Biden go away and give the election to Trump. You can pray every night as much as you want. Trump lost and that’s the true results of this election. Trump and his gang of clown-car lawyers are doing whatever they can to delay and corrupt this process but they are failing at every turn.

49% said they expected Trump to be inaugurated Jan. 20 — a belief that’s “unreasonably optimistic” at this point, said Brendan Nyhan, a Dartmouth political scientist who is part of the research group. Digging deeper, he added, only about half of the group expecting Trump to be inaugurated also said he was the true winner. The other Republicans expressed instead some uncertainty about the outcome.

So the bottomline is, Trumpanzees can continue to hit the streets with their “Stop The Steal” signs. They can continue to spew their bogus claims. They can continue to live in their own whacked-out world. It’s not going to change the fact that their demented dictator lost this election. The only piece of advice I could give is; move on and get over it!

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