Biden trails Clinton’s 2016 edge

Democrats attacking each other

With just 25 days until Election Day, MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the historic voter turnout being seen during early voting compared to this time in 2016. Over 8 million ballots have been cast, and Republicans are nervous as signs indicate voters are turning on Trump. But as Melber explains, this race may be tighter than it seems: state polling shows Biden is not doing much better than Clinton was at this point last cycle, an election she eventually went on to narrowly lose.

New York Times is reporting that Trump’s slide is finally leveling off. So he may begin recovering his loss. Read story

The moral of this story is do not take the lead for granted (like we did in 2016). It’s imperative that everyone treats this election as if Biden is losing in all polls. Vote early, vote in person. Get out and vote.

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