Are You Ready For Trump Rushmore?

Demented Dictator Donny is stoned-faced serious when he says he wants his fat mug on Mount Rushmore. He wants his stoned face on the mountainside so much that he reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last year about the process. Why would anyone be surprised? What would you expect from one of the most narcissistic maniacs on this third rock from the sun?

Gov. Kristi stated that Donny had a meeting with her at the WH oval office. “He said, ‘Kristi, come on over here. Shake my hand, and so I shook his hand, and I said, ‘Mr. President, you should come to South Dakota sometime. We have Mount Rushmore.’ And he goes, ‘Do you know it’s my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore?’

“Trump also toyed with the idea of adding himself to Mount Rushmore in 2017 at a campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

A White House official noted to the New York Times that Mount Rushmore is a federal, not a state monument; hinting that they can make the modification without state approval.

Do you believe for one minute that our dictator would want to have his mug “added” to the mountain side? His narcissism would get the best of him and he would demand that his fat bloated face “replace” one of the current President faces. He would want to be first so I can only imagine that he would want Washington’s face reshaped to his ugly mug.

It wouldn’t stop there. He would insist that his face be lit up with a brighter spotlight and, of course, the mountain would have to be renamed “Trump Rushmore” or “Mount Trump”.

So, if Donny the Dictator gets another four years, this WILL happen. We can avoid this right now by voting this maniac out of office on November 3rd. Thank You for your support!

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