Anti-Mask Man Dies From Coronavirus

Richard Rose passed away on July 4 from complications of COVID-19, just a few days after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Now posts are going viral online that show him saying he didn’t believe in wearing masks back in April.

In mid-June, he posted about attending a crowded outdoor public pool, and later said that he thought he may have caught coronavirus there.

Many people who knew and loved Rose have posted tributes to him, including a paranormal group where he was well known, and funds are being collected for his funeral costs.

On June 13, he posted a photo of a crowded pool full of people. Rose wrote: “It’s not that packed lol.”

Rose later wrote on Facebook that he thought he caught COVID-19 when he was at the Bay.

Another Facebook post shows he visited a bar on June 15, before he started feeling sick and was diagnosed.

Rose passed away on July 4.

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