John Wayne; A Fake Hero. A Real Racist

For some reason, many Americans see John Wayne as a true American hero. The reality is, he was far from it. He was an actor and that’s it. He was a proud white supremacist, a draft dodger and a mean drunk.

Now, demented dictator donny is tweeting about Mr Wayne because he feels that his name should not be removed from an airport. Gee, big shock there. A radical racist sticking up for another radical racist.


Let’s begin with John Wayne’s numerous racist statements. He had no problem expressing his white supremacy and how he felt about people of color (no matter what color that may be). Here are just a couple of samples:

Was he a hero? Well, just like demented donny, John Wayne was a draft dodger. He never served a day in the US military and has long been accused of being a ‘draft dodger’ because he staunchly avoided putting on a uniform and going to war when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. The truth is that he did avoid military service.

He was also known as a mean drunk. For John Wayne, there was the need to shoot movie scenes before noon, because by the afternoon he was well on his way to being three sheets to the wind and meaner than a rattlesnake after it’s been stepped on. Many people went on record as saying that John Wayne was a particularly mean drunk and didn’t sugarcoat the fact for anyone.

So after all these facts, why would we name an airport after him? Why would we have a statue of him? In this day and age of the demand for racial equality; let’s remove Mr Wayne’s name from any public property and we can start with the airport.

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11 Comments on "John Wayne; A Fake Hero. A Real Racist"

  1. I live in Sequim where we have a marina named after John Wayne. It was land that was donated by Wayne and managed by his son Patrick. Ownership has no moved to the port. I wonder if they will be changing the name here.

    • Don’t let them. Just “Push” Back! Most of this sort of thing requires investigation anyway. Liberals just want excuses to push forward their narrative. whether these stories actually hold water or even stem from anything with substance is a whole different thing.

  2. Based on “Every Single Instance” that I’ve engaged in discussions with liberals over this sort of thing, I’ve learnt the hard way that it cannot be taken at face value. In fact, whenever I’ve researched thoroughly, liberals and their rhetoric have mostly been proven to be seriously flawed, and their use of meme’s and other such things, seem to get presented instead of true and factual evidence, as forms of propaganda, and often appear in the absence of any authentic or credible “Primary Source” info. When something is factual this is never necessary. Simply pointing out where the Primary Source info is located, is all that’s ever required. So these attacks on old-time Hero’s (which seems to happen all to frequently lately) are literally be taken with a grain of salt until otherwise verified. …After a while, you simply stop wasting your time anyway, because yo know how it’s going to end up – It’s almost always nonsense! Whether it’s from taking something completely out of context or simply by quoting hearsay as factual, which they were simply told but was never verified and simply doesn’t exist or something else entirely. Usually, it’s always flawed and stated just to justify the narrative they follow. It’s not about right or wrong, they just don’t care about that. It’s about winning, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, or of any of the consequences and ramifications involved, it’s not about the costs. …It’s just that simple!

    And Racist? LOL! …That word has been flung around and bandied about so much and so loosely these days that, sadly, it no longer retains any of the value it once had when it was rightfully incorporated into the English language in the first place.. So now, when someone “LITERALLY IS” a victim of “REAL, AUTHENTIC RACISM” no one can take it seriously anymore. They just think a debate was lost against a liberal or something similar! This has a devastating effect on true victims of racism, because thanks to the word “racism” being hijacked for petty leftfield purposes, these victims have nothing left in the language to properly describe their plight, which actually can to be taken seriously! This is a prime example of what I meant previously when I stated: “…It’s about winning, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, or of the consequences and ramifications involved. …”

    So you’ll forgive me if I take this “Alleged” John Wayne Expose with a grain of salt, which is yet to be proven!

    • Oh gee, another radical right-wing idiotic, long, drawn-out comment. If you don’t believe the article, look it up on Google. There are plenty of other stories stating the same thing.

      • Barry Fountain | March 14, 2021 at 3:45 am | Reply

        There are also plenty of others stating the opposite so Rob is quite correct. Just because someone disagrees with you lefties that doesnt make them radical right wingers and far from idiotic because they don’t immediately buy the shit you lot come out with.

  3. You ppl are nothing but a bunch of retard imbeciles…he was a product of his time…still the most beloved actor by the American ppl…no one cares about your retarded political correctness or anything else. John Wayne loved his country and his country loved him and still does. You can slander all you want but no one ever builds a statue to a critic…only heroes!! The retards and the scum of the earth can take the statues down, they can even rename things all they want but Americans know the truth and the history behind the truth

    • Michael Cantello | January 14, 2021 at 2:33 pm | Reply

      You can always tell when comments come from an old, white, male trumpanzee. Calling people “retards” “scum of the earth” “imbeciles” THEN crying “slander”. You’re such a hypocrite that refuses to believe the truth about your TV “hero”. He WAS a racist. He WAS a draft-dodger. He WAS a mean drunk. Accept it and move on loser!

      • Barry Fountain | March 14, 2021 at 3:51 am | Reply

        The ‘draft dodger’ tag is something that you lefties give him. There is a suspicion that he resisted the draft but also there are stories that the studio resisted his draft and not him. There is also a report that says that he tried for the OSS and was accepted but that the acceptance letter was sent to his ex wife who didnt tell him about it. Are these true? God only knows but while there is reasonable doubt I’m prepared to give him the benefit of that doubt rather than act like part of a lynch mob.

  4. Josh Limbaugh | March 6, 2021 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    I love to see all these moronic white-trash racist idiots attempt to support this TV character. His character represents the racism that they’ve grown to love.

    It’s like kids standing up for Santa Clause. They refuse to believe he’s not real.

    Trump-supportin’ right-wing dumbass idiots standing up for a racist drunk. So sad!

    • Barry Fountain | March 14, 2021 at 3:55 am | Reply

      what is sad is the verbal diarrhea you lefties come out with and what’s even sadder is that you seem to believe what you are coming out with. Maybe you should put your lower garments on your heads and leave your arses uncovered as you talk out of them so much.

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