John Wayne; A Fake Hero. A Real Racist

For some reason, many Americans see John Wayne as a true American hero. The reality is, he was far from it. He was an actor and that’s it. He was a proud white supremacist, a draft dodger and a mean drunk.

Now, demented dictator donny is tweeting about Mr Wayne because he feels that his name should not be removed from an airport. Gee, big shock there. A radical racist sticking up for another radical racist.


Let’s begin with John Wayne’s numerous racist statements. He had no problem expressing his white supremacy and how he felt about people of color (no matter what color that may be). Here are just a couple of samples:

Was he a hero? Well, just like demented donny, John Wayne was a draft dodger. He never served a day in the US military and has long been accused of being a ‘draft dodger’ because he staunchly avoided putting on a uniform and going to war when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. The truth is that he did avoid military service.

He was also known as a mean drunk. For John Wayne, there was the need to shoot movie scenes before noon, because by the afternoon he was well on his way to being three sheets to the wind and meaner than a rattlesnake after it’s been stepped on. Many people went on record as saying that John Wayne was a particularly mean drunk and didn’t sugarcoat the fact for anyone.

So after all these facts, why would we name an airport after him? Why would we have a statue of him? In this day and age of the demand for racial equality; let’s remove Mr Wayne’s name from any public property and we can start with the airport.

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  1. I live in Sequim where we have a marina named after John Wayne. It was land that was donated by Wayne and managed by his son Patrick. Ownership has no moved to the port. I wonder if they will be changing the name here.

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