Racist Domestic Terrorist Post Stays Up On Facebook

I stumbled upon a Facebook post that was not only shocking but was very frightening. In a nutshell it was a ‘Patriot’ call-to-action against liberals. The post itself was radical enough but the comments, replying to the post, are what I can only describe as a call for racist domestic terrorism.

The post was an image titled “If I pulled up and said get in, no time to explain. We’re doing patriot shit. Would you get in?” The photo included eleven guys posing with AKs, rifles and handguns.


I was shocked at how blatant and truly hateful the comments and replies were. One said, “I’m putting a resistance together and looking for more patriots, I’ll be in Gettysburg 2-5!!!” Another said, “Let’s kick some liberal ass!”. There was, “If it ain’t White, it ain’t right!!!”. Then there was, “Hell yeah, locked and loaded.” and “Lasers, guns and zip ties”. Another comment stated, “. . .we have to stop these animals”.

The comments went on and on (see below). The first thing I thought was how can Facebook keep something like this up on their platform? Well, they are. I reported the post along with the comments and Facebook did nothing about it. As of the time of this blog, Facebook kept the post up.

If you think I’m being dramatic, take the time to review the comments on this post:

What’s so concerning is that this is only one post I just happened to stumble upon. I can just imagine what else is out there. This post is basically a virtual hate rally calling for action. Some would say that they were all just joking. I could only reply, this is not funny. It’s not even close to being funny. I refuse to believe any of these people were joking. All you need to do is review any one of these people’s profiles.

I’m the first to believe in freedom of speech. This goes well beyond that. This is a racist hate speech that’s promoting domestic terrorism. Time to take it down Facebook.

Here’s the actual post:

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3 Comments on "Racist Domestic Terrorist Post Stays Up On Facebook"

  1. Talk is cheap….these pansies would run screaming like little girls if the sh-t actually hit the fan…F them and their “pickemup trucks and hound dogs.”

  2. Theodore: I agree but, it only takes one insane idiot to do a lot of damage. Then there’s the part where fascist cowards typically try to make up for their lack of a spine by having a pickup full of AR-15’s etc., and/or they get brave when they are in a pack like wolves or wild dogs.
    In a sane society, people would believe it when a crazy man with a gun threatened to kill people.

  3. This is the planning of domestic terrorism. Just imagine if these were black people posting this shit

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