One Reader’s View Of Trump Supporters

Listen up all you Trump supporters; it has been proved that the guy you consider to be a smart man, a God chosen, happened to be a p#%ssy grabber, army dodger ,pornstars obsessed , tax evader and a scammer!

The only reason he has your vote, it is because he embodies your racism , your xenophobia and your delusional claim( fed to you by the Tea Partier) that of an America that has been and should only be white and Christian!( there are no other reasons you would support such an idiot!!)

Well, here’s news you can adjust your brain with: America has never been and will never be Christian and white only! America has, since its inception, been built by a plethora of ethnically diverse immigrants from all sorts of faiths and races. And that will never go away! So rid yourself of the Trumpkin spell and get used to this reality !!!

The guy you’re supporting, is only conning you day after day for the love of his own popularity and his own pocket!! You’re the last thing he could care about! The fact that he’s calling his base to rally ( so he can get some applauses and feel good about himself) and be infected with Covid-19 while declining liability should tell you something about it !! The fact he’s practicing nepotism and is not showing his tax files should ring a bell in the little thing you have up there in your head!

Enough letting yourself treated like idiots, because supporting a guy who suggested you cure yourself by injecting disinfectant inside your body, you really are behaving like idiots, to the points that books depicting your mindset have become abundant nowadays, and Charles Pierce book” Idiot America” is a perfect example of that!!

So straighten up and don’t let your spiritual disease, that of hate and resentment towards “the other”(that doesn’t look like you or has different belief than yours), cloud your mind and heart!!

Written by Bob Moryl – Palm Desert

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  1. This guy is a complete moron! Calls anyone with a different view a racist. He is filled with hate and is blinded by ignorance. Talks bad to people online and then blocks them. Pathetic coward.

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