Trump’s Total Twitter-Trantrum Over Negative GOP TV Ad

Donny does his best work between the hours of 12 AM and 3 AM. His “best work” means his most radical Twitter posts. The early hours are when he’s stewing in bed thinking about all the people that done him wrong.

This morning was no different. Today at around 1 AM, the Trumpster was having a total meltdown when he saw a negative conservative ad about the way he’s handling the coronavirus.

The political ad was produced by the Lincoln Project. The political action committee is made up of Republican operatives who are disenchanted with the Trump administration, including lawyer George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

As you can imagine, the bloated orange buffoon was fuming when he watched this video. He immediately took action. He put down his cheeseburger, got out of bed and went to Twitter for a rapid response:


The moral of this story is that demented Donny has priorities. These priorities are not about taking care of Americans. These priorities are about taking care of his own ego. Most Presidents were up at night worrying about taking care of the country. THIS President stays up stewing about the press, his enemies and protecting his horrible reputation.

These are the priorities that most dictators have. Dictators that only worry about themselves. This man doesn’t care what going on in this country. He has absolutely no interest in “Making America Great Again”. It’s just a stupid marketing catch phrase that he believes makes him look good. He doesn’t look good in that GOP Ad because it shows the truth. As with everything else, the truth reveals how horrible this man really is.

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