Donald Trump Blocked Coronavirus Testing In January To Help His 2020 Re-Election Chances

President Trump ignored the health department’s warning, way back in January, that coronavirus could become a health crisis because Trump felt it could damage his re-election chances, suggest reports. Dan Diamond, a reporter with Politico, claimed that Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, had pushed for testing potential patients for coronavirus more than a month ago, but the President feared the discovery of positive cases which he felt would harm his election campaign later this fall. Diamond also claimed that Trump’s close aide Kellyanne Conway didn’t think the coronavirus was a matter of priority for the President. 

Dan Diamond made the revelation in an NPR interview with Terry Gross. “Alex Azar did go to the president in January. He did warn the president the new coronavirus could be a major problem. There were aides around Trump — Kellyanne Conway had some skepticism at times that this was something that needed to be a presidential priority,” said Dan Diamond. “My understanding is he did not push to do aggressive additional testing in recent weeks, and that’s partly because more testing might have led to more cases being discovered of coronavirus outbreak, and the president had made clear — the lower the numbers on coronavirus, the better for the president, the better for his potential reelection this fall.”

The United States has fallen behind in its attempts to contain the virus and lost crucial time that could have stopped the spread of the virus. The United States has reported 1,885 cases of coronavirus and 39 deaths. It didn’t help that CDC botched a rollout of test kits which has exacerbated the problem at hand for the Trump administration. “The Trump administration and health officials knew that tests needed to be distributed across the country but across the month of February, the tests that they sent out to labs across the country simply did not work,” said Diamond. The CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, promised new kits but they have delayed by weeks which could see a spike in coronavirus cases through the next month.

Now, Trump repeatedly calls himself “The Wartime President”. He’s officially calling the coronavirus the “Chinese flu”. He continues to bash the media. This xenophobic, wannabe-dictator is now gaslighting and causing more chaos. He’s taking advantage of the situation in attempt to win in November. We must remove this monster from office.

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