Conman and Televangelist Jim Bakker Selling Coronavirus Cure Tonic

Trump supporter Jim Bakker is selling bottles of ‘Silver Solutions’ which is a tonic, that they claim, “it’s been tested on other strains of the coronavirus, and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours. Totally eliminates it, kills it.”

As they talked, a promotion scrolled across the screen: Those seeking a cure for coronavirus or another illness could get four tubes of Silver Solution gel for $80 at Or, for $125, they could buy a variety pack of two bottles of Silver Solution liquid, two tubes of gel and three lozenges.

Please let me take this time to remind you that this con artist is “a man of God”. Well, that’s what he claims. He’s been in jail for his corruption and now he’s back at it.

On Thursday, Bakker’s staff insisted that Silver Solution isn’t a fraud. An assistant manager at Bakker’s store directed a reporter to a statement about the medication and coronavirus. The statement described Sellman, the guest who said on the show that Silver Solution treats other illnesses in the coronavirus family, as an “integrative naturopathic doctor and mind-body psychotherapist.” It also quoted the CEO of the company that manufactures Silver Solution, who claimed researchers have studied his product’s effectiveness at treating viruses including HIV.

Bakker’s show said it would provide links to those studies “soon.”

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