Trump’s “Impenetrable” Wall Blown Over By Wind.

In another embarrassing development for the president, a section of his US-Mexico border wall – which he once promised would be “impenetrable” – has been blown over in El Centro, California, after being hit by strong desert winds.

Stop and think of this for a minute. WIND blew over a United States security wall. This is what you call ironic. It’s ironic because Donny convinced his ignorant, uninformed base that this will be the wall of walls. This will stop all ‘dirty Mexicans’ from entering our country and taking our jobs. This wall will be worth every penny of the 20 billion dollars it cost to build. His base absorbed and supported every lie. Now, it cannot withstand wind. Wow.

For those of you Donny followers that think this is ‘fake news’, please look it up on Google and select your favorite news source to confirm. Or, here’s USA Today’s story link:

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