Kylie Jenner Pawns Cosmetics At Daughter’s Birthday Party

Stormi Jenner turned two. What a great way to push Kylie’s cosmetic line as well as take more instagram ass pictures throughout the day. Just another fake, plastic day in the life of the Kardashians.

Kylie threw an epic party for Stormi, where everything was inspired by butterflies – and we mean everything. We’re talking cheese sandwiches with wings, grass sculptures, and fairy wings for everyone at the party.

Kylie confirmed she would be celebrating Stormi’s birthday with a Kylie Cosmetics line, which we now know is inspired by butterflies. Guests at the party included the likes of Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson, as well as Stormi’s dad Travis Scott.

The amount paid for the two year old’s birthday party is unknown but it’s seems enough funds to feed a small country.

Kylie and Travis haven’t publicly updated fans on their relationship status for a while, but there’s always speculation about whether they’re getting back together. From the looks of things, as long as Kylie can continue to post ass pix on Instagram and Twitter; she’ll be happy.

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