One on One Guests Are Coming

As promised, Stuck In The Middle Radio Show is going to a whole new level in 2020. With expanded distribution and syndication, it’s time bring it up a notch. A part of that includes new topics, new format and guests.

I’ve always talked (complained about) a wide variety of topics including politics, trump, entertainment, trump, pop culture, food, news and more. I’m now bringing on guests that can add to the topic and those that disagree with everything I say.

Debates are good. I like to set the world straight every now and then. So it’s time to inform, educate and debate with the best of them. So for all you Donny supporters that send me daily insults, here’s your opportunity to talk one on one.

If you would like to join the show, be a guest and have an interesting topic, contact me using the form below. You can be a part of conversation no matter where you live, no need to come into the studio.

Be a guest by filling out the form and letting me know what you would like to talk about. Someone will follow up with you.

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