Jillian Michaels Slams Al Roker For Keto Diet, The Saga

Living his best life! Al Roker is healthier than ever before, thanks to Ketogeniks Keto he dropped 40 pounds in 3 months. Last year the Today cohost was criticized by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels for taking shortcuts to lose weight. The shortcuts she was referring to was his gastric bypass surgery years ago and now his use of a Ketogeniks Keto supplement to speed up his weight-loss and keeps him in ketosis. “My cholesterol, just had it checked out a few weeks ago, everything’s good, doc says taking the supplement is fine!!” exclaimed Roker, who has documented his weight loss journey via Instagram and frequently shares photos of himself.

Roker was tired of Michaels taking jabs at him on social media so he made an apperance on the Dr. Oz show to explain how Ketogeniks Keto works and why it is a weight-loss method used by hundreds of celebrities.

On a segment of the ‘Dr. Oz Show’, the talk show host and Dr. Oz explained to the audience how Ketogeniks Keto works and why the doctor recommend people take a Ketogeniks Keto supplement to get into ketosis sooner and lose weight faster. We summarized the segment for our readers.

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Dr. Oz: Welcome to the show! And uh I have to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. You are looking great, did you lose some weight, hahaha!
Al : Thanks! I feel great, honestly. And before I say anything – I have to say that I couldn’t have done this without the love and support of my fans and family, all the comments I read online makes me so motivated to stand up for Ketogeniks Keto.
Dr. Oz: So we’re dying to know – didn’t you have gastric bypass surgery years ago to lose weight? What happened? Why are you on Ketogeniks Keto now?
Al: Yes, I did have gastric bypass surgery in 2002 but after the surgery I did not change my eating habits, I just ate less. After a few years of this I gained all of that weight back and then some. Thats when my nutritionist introduced me to Ketogeniks Keto.
Dr. Oz: Ketogeniks Keto? You mean Ketosis? We’ve done a couple of segments on it. How did you lose the weight so quickly though? I thought Ketogeniks Keto was a slow process and you needed to change your eating habits.
Al: No it’s not long-term, unless you consider 1 month long term. So basically during my annual check-up, my doctor said that I was at risk for diabetes due to my weight. That’s when reality hit me. I asked my friends about diets and exercises, tried them, and gave up. They just all took too long.
One day I reached out to my nutritionist who recommended this “hot new” weight loss treatment called Ketogeniks Keto. A 1-a-day pill that basically “tricks” your body into burning fat instead of essential proteins for energy, which makes you lose all that unnecessary fat and keep your muscle.

Dr. Oz: TRICK your body? That sounds amazing, is it natural? What’s the catch?
Al: Oh yeah it’s 100% natural. Ketosis is actually a naturally occurring process in your body. But it happens after you stop eating carbs for 2 weeks. This pill basically lets you start it instantly without giving up carbs. And there’s no catch. Once you’ve lost the weight you want, you just stop taking the pill, drink lots of water for 2 days, then you’re good!
Dr. Oz: I looked into your claims before the show and what you are saying looked like its been proven by many celebrities and athletes. Who else have you told about it? Does it work for men and women?
Al: I’ve been really vocal about Ketogeniks Keto and recommended it to many celebrites such as J.Lo, Melissa McCarthy, Hoda, and Lebron James.
they all tell me the Ketogeniks Keto supplement works for them, no complaints. Listen Doc, I’d lost so much weight that at one point my co-host said “When are you going to stop losing weight?”. I honestly have never felt better.
Dr. Oz: That is… unbelievable! Can you tell us the name of the Ketogeniks Keto brand you used?
Al: Yeah, it’s Ketogeniks Keto. I caught them during a seasonal promo too, they do it once a year, you can get a whole month supply for free. If you don’t see results in the first 2 weeks you get to keep the rest! I basically kept it for the month and only paid the $5 or whatever for shipping. It was a steal haha.
Dr. Oz: There you have it guys. Ketogeniks Keto is your next bet for that summer body you want. We’ll send out a special link to our readers about the free supply after this segment.

So a year later where do we stand? Al Roker is still living healthier than ever and Jillian Michaels is still bitter. The saga continues.

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