Dictator Donny Tweets ‘Jesus Likes Him More Than Obama’.

After a scathing editorial from Christian Today Magazine, our demented dictator had to take immediate action. So what does he do? He retweets a meme claiming Jesus likes him more than Obama.

It took Donny awhile to find this tweet since it was TWO YEARS OLD. Trump responded during another wild night of Twitter rants from Mar-a-Lago with a retweet and a “Thank you!” 

Of course, most of the comments of his retweet were negative. There were a few of his crackpot followers still praising him for his holy presence here in America.

Just one example of what Americans feel of his ridiculous retweet

When Obama spent past Christmases passing out gifts and serving food to the poor; our dictator stews at Mar-a-Lago trying to boost his pathetic image. You know, the holy thing to do.

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