Trump Gets Delay After Delay Regarding Tax Returns

Our dictator continues to hide his tax returns and there seems to be no end in site. The Supreme Court said Friday it will consider whether the House and a New York prosecutor can subpoena President Donald Trump’s longtime accounting firm and banks for his financial records, two monumental disputes concerning separation of powers and Trump’s broad claims of immunity that will be decided in the heart of the presidential campaign.

In a brief order, the justices granted requests from Trump’s personal lawyers to hear the cases. 

So NOW, the cases will be heard in March, with rulings expected by June,¬†ensuring that the subpoenas won’t be enforced while impeachment proceedings play out.

Any other President would never get away with this but we’re not dealing with any other Prez. We’re dealing with a wannabe dictator that is corrupting everything he touches.

We continually ask, what do you have to hide Donny? We may never know because he’s doing a great job hiding.

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