I Thought I Was The Only One Annoyed By Peloton Ads

Thank You (most of) America for expressing how annoying the Peloton ads are. As a matter of fact, the feedback has filtered back to the creators of the commercials.

I thought I was the only one who cringed every time one of these ridiculous commercials came on. I mean, come on, does everyone who owns a Peloton live in a mansion? They all live with an ocean view, all glass walls AND they are all healthy and buffed? Give me a break.

The particular commercial that finally got Americans ruffled up was the one with the wife who got a Peloton as a gift. The ad, which showed the wife tirelessly vlogging a year’s worth of Peloton workouts was called sexist, tone-deaf and alarming, to name a few.

The Peloton wife has spoken, and from now on, she’d like to be known as anything but the star of the ad that exploded the internet’s collective brains.Actress Monica Ruiz sat with “Today” host Hoda Kotb to finally address the infamous commercial that became a cultural phenomenon coinciding with a massive tank in Peloton stock.

“Honestly, I think it was just my face. It was my fault,” she told Kotb. “My eyebrows look, like, worried?”For her part, Ruiz shoulders the fallout with a smile and the same expressive eyes that caused millions to worry about the fictional Grace from Boston’s well-being in the first place. But it wasn’t always that way, she said.”It didn’t really blow over as quickly as I thought it would,” she said.

Here’s an idea! How about showing REAL people with REAL health and weight issues on this exercise device? Maybe then and only then, viewers can relate and possibly order this future piece of unused furniture sitting in the empty room.

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4 Comments on "I Thought I Was The Only One Annoyed By Peloton Ads"

  1. This one is not as annoying as the Black guy that can’t sing. I’ve muted the ad at least sixty times in the last 3 days. With all Peloton ads would GO AWAY!

  2. how about some “real life” commercials? Like a 300 pound sow being held up by 2 people as she strains to mount the bike?

  3. $3000 for an exercise bike that talks to you, talk about a waste of money.

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