Why Trump’s Approval Rating Isn’t Being Hurt

One word. Ignorance. Well, two words; ignorance and denial. I should say, three words . . . ah never mind.

Three different polls just came out and Donny is doing pretty well. This impeachment thing hasn’t had an effect on him. As a matter of fact, one of the polls shows him better off, thanks to the hearings.

The Gallup poll shows Trump’s approval rating went from 39% in August 2019 to 43% in November 2019. Many analysts believe that this will only get higher after Trump’s quick acquittal in the Senate. This will embolden his base and his approval ratings will go through the roof.

What does this mean? It means Donny’s sure to win the election unless the economy goes awry. That would be the only reason he would not get reelected. He has proven time and again that no matter what he does, how crooked he is; Americans don’t care. So he can continue to be corrupt and have no problem being reelected.

This is why Nancy Pelosi did not want to do the impeachment thing. What she said could happen is indeed actually happening. Trump is almost shining throughout this process, his base is sticking with him, they are stronger AND his approval ratings are doing pretty well.

If you’re refusing to believe all this and think that Trump will (somehow) be removed by impeachment; just wait until the Senate hearings. It’s going to be a circus and a nightmare for the Dems. Stay tuned.

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