Fox News Host Attacks Witness For ‘Drinking Too Much Water’

Laura ‘The Hag’ Ingram from Fox News had nothing better to do than personally attack the impeachment witnesses. For a portion of the show, she chose to hone in on George Kent, a top State Department official to Ukraine, who had brought a large blue water bottle to the hearings.

“He drank a lot of water, Laura. I mean, fish are not this hydrated,” Arroyo said as footage of Mr Kent drinking water played. “Look, he’s — he’s always taking slugs — look, throughout the hearing, he took slugs of this thing.”

“What is this, is he on the treadmill? What is this with the water?” Ingraham replied, apparently exasperated by Mr Kent’s hydration routine. Then, with a red circle drawn around the bottle as if it were incriminating evidence, she continued: “Do you guys see that?”

Arroyo certainly did see it.

“It’s amazing,” he added. “It was like a medical sized water tower… A water silo.”

Then Ingraham decided to take it a step further, and suggested that she “thought had hid an oxygen chamber or something.”

Laura ‘the hag’ has no other defense for her dictator. No matter how hard this washed-up so-called news host tries, she can’t defend her loser in chief. So her only tactic is to personally insult.

This reminds me when the GOP couldn’t find anything negative on President Obama so they would whine about things like a ‘tan suit’.

This is just a reflection of what the GOP has to work with. They know Donny is guilty, they have no defense, so they do what they know best; personally insult.

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