Eat Yourself Into Oblivion

We are the country with the most guns on this planet. We have the most gun-related deaths in the world. We are the country with the most obese people. Why are we worried about terrorists when we are killing ourselves.

As we polish our AKs, fight with each other and slam junk food down our throats; the official records are in! We are the most self-destructing human beings on this planet.

So with all this depressing news, I have something that will make Americans happy; KFC announced the new combination of fried chicken and glazed doughnuts! Yahoooo!

This is a move that is either genius or insane.Customers have two options: a chicken and doughnut basket meal for $5.49, which includes chicken tenders or bone-chicken plus a doughnut; or a chicken sandwich for $5.99, featuring a fried chicken patty between two doughnut buns — the much more exciting option.And if you just want the doughnut? You can add one to any meal for a dollar.

So as you target practice with one of your seven guns, be sure to enjoy dangerous amounts of sugar, fat, calories and salt! Have the new chicken doughnut sandwich! God Bless America!

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