Transgenders Protest The Gay Candidate in Their Own Party

I’m sure you’re getting tire of me repeating myself when I say, “Some democrats are their own worst enemy”. Yet, I’m proven correct over and over again. Tonight was another good example.

During CNN’s Equality Town Hall, Protesters in support of transgender rights interrupted Mayor Pete Buttigieg who was preparing to speak. They were screaming and yelling, waving a flag, demanding equality.

This went on for about a minute as moderator Anderson Cooper tried to calm them down. Mayor Buttigieg stood there, like a deer in headlights wondering what the hell is going on.

Why? I ask again, why? Why do we continue to self sabotage our own party? What’s beyond belief is that they chose the only gay President candidate to pull this stunt.

It’s so frustrating to see something like this. I don’t understand what they were thinking and what were they trying to accomplish. Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s go to our own town hall meeting, at our own Democratic party and protest our own Presidential candidate. Wow!

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  1. Well…they are a bit confused to begin with…just sayin…

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