How You Can Stop Moscow Mitch’s Re-election.

Mitch Mcconnell is making a promise to his constituents. If they re-elect him in 2020, he will make sure Donny does not get impeached. As a matter of fact, he’s guaranteeing it.

Moscow Mitch’s new online ad campaign basically states “if you donate to my campaign, I’ll protect the president from impeachment”.

The GOP Donny Parrots are eating it up and are re-energized to see the turtle gets another term. Moscow Mitch has almost unlimited funds for this campaign because the GOP needs this man to stay in his crooked position. There is hope, and her name is Amy McGrath. The only way to beat Mitch McConnell is by building a truly grassroots team, one donation at a time.

Amy McGrath can take down Moscow Mitch with your help

You can donate to Amy’s campaign and give ANY amount. They all add up. This campaign is just as important (if not more important) than beating Donny Trump. Moscow Mitch’s clutch on the country has got to end. He has done enough damage and we need to end his tyranny.

Today you can do something very productive and constructive to protect this country from further damage. Check out Amy McGrath’s campaign and DONATE TODAY

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