Radical Religion Will Save Trump From Impeachment

As Democrats are convinced that Trump will be impeached, there’s a storm brewing that will snuff that dream out. Nancy and the Dems are working fast for the impeachment process to move forward. Behind the scenes, Donny and the Repugs are working just as fast to make sure it doesn’t happen.

The Democrats are using the law and the constitution to state their case. The repugs are using religion, money, lies and denial to state theirs. In other words, Trump and his band of thugs (senators & congressmen) are selling their souls.

As of today, the turtle Mitch Micconnell has made a promise (in his new ad campaign) that Donny will NOT be impeached. He claims he has a solid plan and he needs America’s help. READ THE FULL STORY >

As of today, Trump is getting phone calls from pastors and high ranking evangelical Christians claiming he has their full support to make sure he does not get impeached.

The president touted his support from evangelical Christians and claimed he was helping bring the entire religion to new heights that had never been achieved. Donny claims he’s re-energized and ready for another four years.

“I got a call the other night from pastors, the biggest pastors, evangelical Christians,” the president said. “They said, ‘We have never seen our religion or any religion so electrified.’ They see they’ve never seen anything like it!”

As of today, Repug Senators and Congressmen have new talking points and have made full commitments to fight this to the end.

As of today, Donny launched a new multimillion dollar ad campaign to reach their ignorant base to convince them that this impeachment inquiry is “a hoax”. Millions of dollars are being donated, to support this campaign and the Donny parrots are believing every single lie.

Millions of Trump puppets like Jane Baker Babbit are circling the wagons, absorbing all of Donny’s garbage:

This is just one comment and look how many “likes”

We’re no longer in normal times. If we were, Donny would already in jail. We are now in the age of the Republican party giving up their morals in order to save their own asses. So getting Trump impeached by the laws and the constitution is not going to work. I don’t believe we’ll get Donny removed by an election either. He’s already proven that his admin, his party and followers are just as corrupt as he is.

What’s it going to take? I can only share what Sandra Sosa posted on Facebook:

I think it’s time we get off our asses.

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