The Strength of Trump Support is Growing

You would think that after all what’s happening with the whistleblower saga, Trump’s support would be dwindling. That can be further from the truth. Not only are Donny supporters staying on board, their strength is growing.

You may refuse to believe this and even call this ‘fake news’ so I thought I would give you just a small sample of real feedback and comments. This is just a sliver of what’s all over social networks right now.

Here are comments from everyday Americans. Americans that are Trump supporters and refuse to believe anything bad about Donny. Have we reached a point of no return? Has too much damage been done? Is there a huge radical storm headed our way? After reading the following comments, you may be asking yourself the same questions.

So did these comments send shivers down your spine? They should. While democrats are cheering and giving each other high fives, Trump is going to slither through this mess and come out stronger. Stronger because his base is going to do the fighting and support him all the way.

See this CNN interview on how Americans are not solid on their decision:

I personally think the Democrats waited too long to deal with Donald and we ARE at a point of no return. Time will tell but time is no longer on our side. His support has strengthened and can no longer be diminished.

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