7 Things You Can Do TODAY To Fire Up Dems.

As each day passes, the republican party gets more corrupt, greedy and . . . stronger? Yes, stronger. No matter how bad the party is, they seem to keep their radical base fired up and motivated.

How do the republicans keep their party in line? Through lies, propaganda and fear. Not to mention religion, guns and race. This has always been a winning formula especially since Donny took over.

On the other side, Dems seem to treat this nasty political environment as though it’s business as usual. Well, that’s my personal opinion because I don’t see any effective countermeasures to counteract the right wing madness. In other words, I don’t see us doing shit about anything. We’re letting it happen. Oh, correct that, we all whine on social networks.

I get accused of making fun of republicans online. Whining online, complaining, crying and not doing anything constructive. Yeah I do that but I’m also taking action. I’m doing what I can. Donating, attending events and protests. Instead of ‘preaching to the choir’ online, many of my listeners and readers are Trump supporters and I don’t unfriend them simply because I don’t like what they say. I need to know where they’re coming from and let them know facts.

My point in all this is that democrats need to start getting in the trenches like Trump’s flock do. Dems need to be MORE passionate, stronger and take the offense. Currently, I don’t see it.

With that in mind, here are SEVEN resources you can access to get involved now. These direct links will get you involved to make a difference and help dems move forward.

You can donate money, get involved, attend events, do ANYTHING to make a difference. Here’s how:

  1. Donate to the DNC. Any amount helps CLICK HERE
  2. Donate to ActBlue. Any amount helps CLICK HERE
  3. Volunteer at California Democratic Party CLICK HERE
  4. Mobilize and get involved in grassroot projects CLICK HERE
  5. Make your voice heard, urging your local, state, and congressional representatives to continue to protect progressive values for all. Easy online letter CLICK HERE
  6. Take action on a variety of platforms. CLICK HERE
  7. Look up groups and events on Facebook for local/regional events for you to attend. This includes protests, fundraisers and events where you can make a difference. Just use the search feature on Facebook to find upcoming events.

We’re a year away from the election. Democrats need to get serious, buckle up and take action before it’s too late. Instead of sharing a story online, how about clicking one of the above links each day and make a difference that counts.

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