Con Don Alters Hurricane Map To Support His Lies.

It’s as simple as getting a felt tip marker. Trump covers his mistake by adding a circular mark to the map of Hurricane Dorian’s trajectory. This way he doesn’t look like a idiot . . . or does it?

This all started when demented don said that Alabama was in the direct path of Hurricane Dorian. Even the most out of touch American knew that Alabama wasn’t even close to the storm. So after a few chuckles and corrections from experts and press corp; Trump does what he knows best, he lies.

Instead of saying oops, my mistake, Trump doubles down and says that the hurricane is/was heading to Alabama. The National Weather Service Birmingham chimed in on Twitter to correct Trump’s claim about the hurricane. They stated, “Alabama will NOT see any impacts from Dorian.”

Well now deranged donny goes into a frenzy because HE (of all people) is publicly corrected. So instead of thanking NWHB for setting the record straight, tyrant trump takes it to the next level. In the oval office, in front of reporters, Donny presents a altered trajectory map showing that Alabama was in the direct path of Dorian. All it took was a black marker.

This is just another example of how “fragile-Donny” will do whatever it takes to ALWAYS be right. Even if it requires lying, cheating and altering documents. His ego is so large, his motto is; “If it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, looks like a duck . . . it’s whatever Donny wants to call it”.

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