American’s Priority is Chicken Sandwiches.

So much is going on in this wacky world. A wannabe dictator in the WH, a hurricane coming, global warming, children in cages, mass shootings. So with all this, what are Americans pissed off at? Americans are up in arms about a shortage of chicken sandwiches at Popeye’s.

Fat, bloated Americans have been lined up, nationwide, around the block for Popeye’s new chicken sandwiches. Lined up as though they are getting supplies for the end of the world. Lined up as though their lives depended on it. The lines were so long that every Popeye’s Chicken franchise ran out of the sandwiches.

One idiot went as far as filing a lawsuit against Popeyes for $5,000. because the fast food restaurant promised something they could not deliver. He claims his damages were mind games with wanting something that he can’t get.

Jose Cil, CEO of Restraunt Brands International which owns Popeyes, says the company meticulously planned for the national roll-out of their chicken sandwich, but didn’t anticipate it “would break the internet” and sell out so quickly.

I have a great idea! A democratic candidate so come up with a chicken sandwich to get most of these fat slobs out to the voting booths. That will also encourage bloated Donny to vote for them.

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