Dems Have A lot To Learn From Puerto Rico

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine how republicans would react if Obama did everything that Trump is doing. Do you think they would be as tolerant as democrats are? MY answer is absolutely not! There would be demonstrations every week.

So what’s going on with Dems? Why are they accepting Donny’s chaos as “the new normal”? Lies, hate, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, corruption, greed, etc. He gets away with it all and there’s no mass public outcry.

Of course Dems are whining (to each other) online but that’s where it stops. It’s almost like it’s not worth the effort to protest the gloom-and-doom orange buffoon. Just a small example is Dictator Don’s 4th of July military parade. There should have been tens of thousands of protestors present. At the most, there were a few hundred demonstrators with a deflated Baby Trump blimp. #sad

Look at the people of Puerto Rico, protesting their Governor. Blowing whistles, waving red, white and blue Puerto Rican flags and demanding the immediate¬†resignation of the governor, tens of thousands of protesters Monday morning showed their outrage by shutting down a major freeway in the U.S. territory’s capital and imploring those who feel the same to join an island-wide strike.

Some protesters spent the night at a baseball stadium in the capital of San Juan and were joined at daylight by a crowd that grew through the morning, fueled by anger that Rossello has defiantly refused to step down.

For Dems, it’s so convenient to scream impeachment online and then move on with life, but things are not going to change. Things will not change until Americans make it absolutely clear that enough is enough. Dems have made it perfectly clear that they are not there yet.

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