Don’t Unfriend Trump Supporters

Did you know the biggest mistake you can make is unfriending a trump supporter from your social networks? Does that sound wacky? After I explain why, you’ll start RE-friending all those who support Trump.

Listen to this informative podcast:

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3 Comments on "Don’t Unfriend Trump Supporters"

  1. Hi. Thanks for that. Actually, I only came across your short podcast as I did a Google Search about the exact thing you preach here: “If you are a Trump supporter, you are not my FB friend.” or something along those lines. I was looking for a good article to post publicly on Facebook to let everyone know my stance with them, the exact opposite of what you suggest NOT to do. Then I came across your podcast. And just by the title, I said to myself, WTF? (to keep in clean) Judging by the title I thought to just bypass your podcast. The last thing I wanted to hear was my garbage from Trumpeteer’s adherents, discipleship, and their herd instinct message. (I reckon by now you figured out what side of the fence I am on.) I usually don’t listen to podcasts that often in real-time as they are time-consuming and speed reading or skim reading is more efficient then real-time podcasts. But then I said, what the heck, it’s a relatively short 11 minutes. Let’s hear what this supporter has to say about his idol. But as I listened to what you said makes a lot of sense. So, I’ve changed my tune now about unfriending. I even blocked one long term friend of well over 10 years because he was not only the Trump supporter with MAGA in my face, and all that is associated but insisted on being incessantly antagonistic. I told him if he did not stop, I would block him. He continued “MAGA! MAGA! Block me!” And, so I did. He might’ve been having one of hid drink sessions at home, I don’t know. But anyway, I already got carried away here. Thanks for your thoughtful insight here. Good words of wisdom. Cheers, Jerry

    • BTW, some grammatical errors in my post. I thought I would have the opportunity to edit subsequent to the posting but apparently not. I reckon you can understand what I am stating through contextual interpolation. 🙂

  2. I guess that’s that. Disappearing comments.

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