One Giant Step For Dunce-Kind.

When will Donny supporters get it? Trump performs ANOTHER photo op with Kim Jong Un and repubs are celebrating. We have a dictator and a wannabe dictator shaking hands in front of cameras and we’re suppose to be impressed?

Americans should not be impressed with hollow photo ops. They mean nothing. Trump has proven that over and over again. How many photos have been setup with Donny and other leaders (including Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, etc) and absolutely nothing is accomplished or resolved. This is just another one of those fake setups where both leaders come out looking good to their ignorant followers.

Trump is great with setting up photo ops. He’s horrible with follow through. He loves being recognized and honored by the press. So he sets up these opportunities where he looks good and then he moves on. These are the actions of a true dictator. Dictators do this all the time.

Because Donny walked his fat ass across a line, he now claims that the dangers posed by Kim have now gone away. This can be further from the truth. With this little photo stint today, Kim probably thinks that he’s closer in getting what HE wants. Trump’s so narcissistic (and dumb), he doesn’t see how Kim is playing him like a fiddle.

The danger is there, more than ever. North Korea continues to provide conventional military support to Syria. Iran is able to grow its ballistic missile arsenal by purchasing missiles, components and technology from North Korea and China, and the UN is investigating North Korean arms dealers in Iran.

So for you Trump supporters that believe and standby every word that comes out of Donny’s mouth; please start educating yourselves. Walking across a line, in front of cameras, is not the solution to these major problems. As with every other photo stunt that Donny creates, nothing will come of it and we will be worse off than we were before.

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  1. Dear Powder Puff:

    Once again, your opinion aint worth two dead flies. You’re an idiot and don’t see how powerful our all-mighty leader is. He does so much for us and you continually spit on him. You are a sick person. Just like the rest of you lefty powder puffs.

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