The Voice of America.

Imagine a world where Fox News is our only source of nightly news. All other news is “fake”. Cheap blonde hair die is all that’s available on store shelves. Guns are a must, racism is the norm and christianity is the only legal religion.

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore! Thanks to uneducated, uniformed white trash, America has officially turned into a toilet. Morals are gone, hypocrisy is encouraged and feel free to lie as much as you want.

Stop fighting it. Jump in and enjoy the new climate of the great ol’ U S of A. Attend one of the dictator rallies to get fired up with all the new features of America. Features like a new wall, a new war, new pollution, newly improved racism and so much more.

Come on in. The water is fine! The new America is here! Enjoy!

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