Skippianity, A New Religion.

Christianity. Centuries of greed, abuse of power, corruption and hate. More and more humans are wising up and leaving this chaotic organization and becoming more spiritual.

I just found a new spiritual relationship with religion. It’s not Christianity, it’s Skippianity. Run by Reverend Skippy.

It’s not about prophecies, it’s about PAWphecies.Ten commandments out. Three contentments in.

1. Be content with who you are.

2. Be content with what you have.

3. Be content with who you’re with.

Skippianity is all about “Love, Loyalty, Happiness”

1. Love your life, family and friends.

2. Be loyal to your life, family and friends.

3. Be happy with your life, family and friends.

It’s all about enjoying life. Going to the park, playing ball. Really enjoying food. Treat yourself. Go for walks. Play often. Getting plenty of rest. Be spontaneous. Stay healthy. Drink plenty of water. Enjoy nature. Treat each day as if it’s brand new.

So what’s the moral of this story? We failed with religion. We can learn a lot from dogs. Happiness was right under our nose all this time.

BTW, spell DOG backwards. I need not say more.

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